Bucket Fillers

Within the last two years my husband and I have purchased, gutted, and completely rebuilt a 1983 Scamp camper in hopes to see the country. Okay, my husband did the majority of the rebuild (I was in charge of keeping the kids away from the the power tools), but it was my gentle hinting that we should instead drive to see the 50 states than fly. All he needed was an excuse.

Fast forward to the end July of 2018, with a deadline of a cross-country trip to Utah looming in the early morning hours, we scrambled to make the camper as road-worthy as possible. We called it done at midnight, and then left 6 hours later.  

Deciding to travel and take the kids is not an easy choice, but it's what I like to call a "bucket filler." I love to run and have set a personal goal of completing a half marathon in each of the 50 states. I am in no hurry to accomplish this goal, but to gradually "fill my bucket" with the sights and sounds of these places, all while sharing it with my family. An emotional, spiritual, and heart-filling experience; if you will.

Sometimes we go "off the grid" and sleep in the mountains with the threat of bears wanting to pillage our belongings. Other times we are just off the highway for a night with a crowd of oversized trailers that completely dwarf our tiny little scamp. 

So far as a scamping family we have camped in Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Colorado, Michigan, Kansas, Missouri, and Kentucky. I haven't run in each of these states yet, but we have made some amazing "bucket filling" memories. 

We're patiently waiting for summer to start and to embark on our next adventure at the end of June. I implore you to find something to fill up your bucket, it's oh so very rewarding. Feel free to send me a message because I'd love to help you capture it; so you can cherish it always.