Everyday Photography

Short Story

1 hour session for children, families, or couples. $150

*Special notes: As your photographer, I want to tell your story and that begins with living your truth. When I come to your home for the session, don't fuss over cleaning. Those laundry baskets and dishes are a part of your story just as much as every sweet face. This is a very natural process and I am present to document the ebb and flow of your everyday. I will give slight prompts if needed, but little to no posing. Clothing should be a reflection of the individual. Matching outfits do look good in photographs, but are not a true representation of your life.

New Life Sessions

I love babies. The little parts, the tiny squeaks, the precious deep sighs, and even the passionate cries. The first year of life with a new baby is confusing, disorganized, and beautiful. I want to tell your story of how you adjust to your new family member and the gorgeous chaos that it entails. The first year of life sessions are as follows:


One-time session for your new precious bundle. $200

*Special notes: Needs to be scheduled within the first two weeks of life. I will come to your home, no need to travel with a new baby. This process will be very natural, I will be more of a "fly on the wall". There will be hardly any photographer interference or prompting.


Commonly used for the first year of a child's life by documenting monthly milestones. Three total sessions: newborn, 6 month, and one year photos. $300


Popular for documenting baby's first year in detail. Six small mini-sessions every two months. Newborn, 2 month, 4 month, 6 month, 8 month, and one year photos. $600

**The multi-session packages will be focused more on the child than the family as a whole. It is fun to document their milestones and favorite things during shorter 30-40 minute mini-sessions.**